Yes! Burgers!

Yes burger fiancé, you know, a question of life long commitment that has been accepted with a yes, and now we wait for an official confirmation, typically held in a public setting under the gaze of family and friends collected over a lifetime. No Fiancé should go hungry. Enter burger Fiancé.

Faux Cluck

They say fried chicken is a way of life. We say keep the chicken with the life instead. and eat our cajun battered shiitake breast and nuggets. You won’t be upset. no no no. trust me. my fiancé.

Green Stuff Too

Of course we have green stuff as well, this is a vegan restaraunt after all. Despite a very wide selection of incredible burger and fry indulgences, we also have crisp fresh green salads and bowls with an immense depth of flavor to them, my dear Fiancé.

Non Dairy, Dairy

Oatshakes are my favourite thing this side of the Atlantic. Start a meal with savoury, end it with sweet. my great-aunt taught me everything I know. And she would have adored our flavour combos. her favourite though? salted caramel! Good bye.